Things I'm Eating on Hcg Phase 3 (P3)

So theres way too many things to list and I'm trying to focus on things that arent obvious like the newly allowed meats and fruits. =)
Its all in the title!
Miracle Noodles are a miracle - enjoy pasta without starch or sugar!
I haven't had a chance to experiment with these puppies yet but I will be and will post any good recipes!

Walden Farms Products
They specialize in calorie free, sugar free products! It's pretty much like it never happened!
I was hesitant at first to try products on p2 but my mom and I both did and had no issues with the salad dressing or bbq sauce on p2! They're really yummy and honestly I will continue using after hcg! They say right on the labels youll save 10,000 calories a month using their products and I believe it!
The Ezekiel Brand specializes in Sprouted Whole Grain products.
I've read quite a few hcgers use many of their products including tortillas and english muffins etc.
So far I've only used their breads and try to limit to no more than 3 slices a day. 1 for toast and 2 for a sandwich. Make sure your going for their starch free and sugar free products!

Hello Jello!
No sugar and only 10 calories! I eat 2 a day and could probably eat a whole pack if I wanted to! I personally can hardly tell the difference between these and the regular jello, well except for these are never on sale for a dollar like regular jello, its so expensive to be skinny!

I also enjoy the following (no pictures)
Sugar Free Smuckers Jam
Coke Zero ( though it appears all diet sodas are okay but watch sodium intake)
Stater Bros Brand Hickory Smoked Bacon (only one I could find with no sugar!)
CHEESES of all kinds I live on string cheese during P3
No sugar added Spaghetti Sauce
Sugar Free Sandwich meats from Fresh and Easy

Hcg Phase 2 (P2) or Phase 3 (P3) Strawberry Shortcake

It Sure Feels Like I'm Cheating!

1 Handful of Fresh Strawberries
1-2 Individual Packets of Truvia Sweetener

-wash strawberries
-cut stems off top
-slice strawberries in 4's
-mash strawberries with potato masher
-stir in Truvia, enjoy!

Phase 3 (P3)
- Top with Sugar Free Whipped Cream

Hi There!

So if you've tried hcg or are currently using hcg and are anything like me, you've been googling like a madman to find something, just anything to eat to feel normal! The only way I got through this diet was by the help and support of others through blogs and vlogs alike! So, I've been inspired to also help out by pitching in any new recipe I've tried or product I've found. For a while my blog will be a little biased as I'm currently in Phase 3 (P3). On my next round I will start to post more things related to P2. I try to stick as close to Dr. Simeon's  protocol as possible. Every now and again I will use something that will become a debate to some as to whether or not we should use it but it comes down to "what works for you" I will always post it if it worked for me in hopes it will work for others =)